Turnaround time


“Anything worth having is worth waiting for.”

We live in a world where this amazing quote is pushed into the background. Today we live in “ free next day shipping” , “I need this right here and right now!” & almost every time that gets you your product in Two days but then falls apart in Three…. Around here we Hustle HARD to Hand Create each and every Custom order for you ladies. There is no “Mass Production” or “Overseas Suppliers” this is an All InHouse, Hardworking Handmade Company all made right out of St. Augustine Florida in our amazing little workshop. We strive for nothing but the Best Quality and Manufacturing for you ladies as we create each and every piece from start to finish with Love, Care, and Attention to Deal.

No corners are cut around here and this reflects on our Turnaround time. We work are hardest to keep the turnaround time on all your custom goodies down but as the influx of orders grows so does out Turnaround time. Each piece takes time to create as we are not just grabbing cheap poorly manufactured suits out of a pile and packaging them. We Cut out your custom Print choices/Sizing, then Hand Sew and Ship them out. Each order is Full of Love & One of a Kind Quality!

Thank you for your patience & Thank you for supporting an all Handmade Company



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